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National Dog Registry is America's oldest & largest pet recovery system protecting pets against theft & loss since 1966.

​​​​Now that your pet is protected with National Dog Registry, it is important to announce it to would-be pet nappers. 

Thieves will pass over permanently identified and registered pets for fear of being caught in possession of stolen property.

Display NDR warning stickers, signs and tags prominently to deter theft. These products are available only to NDR members.


​This is a very special and unusual "new" type of collar developed by an NDR registrant. This collar is made of polypropylene, anex­tremely strong material that will not absorb or allow hair, dirt, body oils and moisture (which become a hidden breeding ground for bacteria and fleas) to accumulate. The snap and adjusting buckles are made of Delrin, one of the toughest of all plastics. It will not weigh down the smallest pets, but has the toughness to handle the largest.  Collar sizes • XS: 6"-10" • SM: 9"-16" • L and XL: 14"-28" Please notate the size on your order.


                     This heavy-duty surgical stainless steel collar tag is deeply stamped with a warning message and the                             NDR toll-free number. The back of the tag is custom imprinted with your pet's ID number. This tag                                 should last the lifetime of your pet. Includes S-hook. Write pet ID number in "description" space on the                         order form. Use separate line for each tag with different numbers.  



Our striking 3"x11 -5/8" three color bumper sticker is constructed of heavy vinyl so it will look good for a long time. Easy to remove when you are ready to replace it. Buy one for each vehicle you own.


This red, white and blue warning decal adheres to the INSIDE of the window.

In the house, car or boat, this decal will protect your pet for years.

Easily removable. 5-3/4"x3-3/8".   

We're still in the process of developing an interactive menu of services and products NDR provides.  We will be working on this in stages and rolling them out as soon as we complete them.  

In the meantime please feel free to contact us here, message us at Facebook or email us at to request all forms necessary for registration,

product information and change of information.