National Dog Registry is America's oldest & largest pet recovery system protecting pets against theft & loss since 1966.

Services & Products


We're still in the process of developing an interactive menu of services

NDR provides. We will be working on this in stages and rolling them

out as soon as we complete them.  In the meantime please feel

free to contact us or connect via our Facebook page.

​​The cost of registering a pet with NDR is a $45.00 lifetime (of the pet)

membership fee for the first pet, then $20.00 for each additional

pet registered, which also includes a lifetime membership. 

New owners that buy their pets from registered breeders can transfer

the ownership for a $15.00 lifetime (of the pet) membership fee

for the first pet, and then $10.00 for each additional pet registered.

It costs only $6.00 to process and update any changes to the database.  

NDR also has many products available exclusively to members.  

There are breeder/kennel or rescue group contracts as well as information

on how to become a National Dog Registry authorized agent.

You can contact us here, message us at Facebook or email us at to request all forms necessary for registration,

product information and change of information.