To our loyal customers, our supporters, and those just interested in who we are. Please bear with us as we reestablish our web presence. We will be working to bring greater functionality to our page and increase the ease of access to our services. In the meantime we would encourage everyone to visit our Facebook Page. Our volunteer staff can receive and respond to messages there, plus it allows a much easier interaction between you and staff.

National Dog Registry is America's oldest & largest pet recovery system protecting pets against theft & loss since 1966.

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Pet Registry and Recovery Services


Founded in 1966, NDR is by far the largest and most respected registry of its kind. In fact, NDR developed the concept of registering a pet tattoo for protection against loss and theft. The founders of NDR lost a beloved pet to thieves and spent weeks searching pounds, wholesale dealers and laboratories to no avail. Through their grief, National Dog Registry was formed. NDR is run by volunteers who value the lives of our pets and are devoted to the welfare and safety of all pets. NDR works tirelessly in our efforts to achieve our goal of giving every lost pet a chance to come home. We are continuously working to extend our networking capabilities by building our database of agencies and organizations we interact with. Our page here and on Facebook will have a good deal of additional information about our history, services, and successful pet recovery record.