National Dog Registry is America's oldest & largest pet recovery system protecting pets against theft & loss since 1966.

Unique ID

We have worked with animal rescues, municipal animal controls, law enforcement agencies, and veterinary offices across the country. Having been around for half a century makes us a well known resource for these organizations to tap in an effort to reunite pets with their families. But it never hurts to let you local providers know about us, provide them current contact information, and encourage them to check with us. If we can get one pet back home it's worth it.

Making Sure

Give your pet a way home.

Spreading The Word

What happens if you get lost? You get directions, call for help, or depend on the kindness of strangers to assist you. But what if you couldn't speak? How would someone know who you were or where you belonged? We have picture identification, drivers licenses, social security numbers, and fingerprints. All are part of a national database searchable by those who can help you or the loved ones searching for you. Doesn't your beloved pet deserve the same? Pet identification via tattoo or microchip gives them this.

Once you've given your pet the means to be identified the next step is giving their rescuer a way to get them home to you. There are literally thousands of pets that are tattooed or microchipped but the owners never REGISTERED the unique ID so that the pets can be returned to their families. Like your drivers license number a pet ID is just a meaningless combination of letters and/or numbers without the database of information that provides the details of the ID holder. National Dog Registry is such a database.