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Welcome To The National Dog RegistryWelcome To NDR!
Founded in 1966, NDR is by far the largest and  most respected registry of its kind. In fact, NDR  developed   the  concept  of registering a pet tattoo for protection against loss  and  theft.  More..

NDR Code Of Ethics
Our Code Of Ethics

The National Dog Registry hereby pledges the  continuance of  its vital endeavor: the safe return  of lost  and stolen pets to their homes.  Such interests impose  grave social responsibilities  and  a duty to which NDR freely dedicates itself.  More...

Miracles Can Happen!

"It could never happen to me." That's what I have always  thought. I have always been so conservative, especially  where safety and security  are concerned, almost to the point of fanatacism,  or so I thought. More...

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If you are a pet lover, perhaps you would be  interested in  becoming an NDR Authorized Agent Tattooing is a rewarding,  easy to learn  business that can earn a substantial income.  We'll even teach you how! More...

Proceeds from the sale of these items help NDR’s not-for-profit Rescue Fund • Every Purchase you make helps us with our work!

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